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Cocktail and art workshops at Food Town, an idea to spend your time creatively!

In the heart of the city, specifically in Food Town, workshops await you to stimulate your imagination. Once a month you can take part in a 2-hour workshop, during which you will create cocktails, under the guidance of Ewelina Figiel – an experienced cocktail art manager, but that’s not all! The second part of the workshop each time belongs to one of our friendly artists. Depending on the edition, you can paint pictures, customize clothes, create your own candlesticks…and much more!

It’s a great opportunity to get together with friends in a fun and creative atmosphere and with the most interesting cocktails.

Learn the secrets of the art of creating unique drinks. This unique event, held on a regular basis, combines a passion for creativity and a love for great taste.

Cocktails as Art
The workshop begins with an introduction to the fascinating world of cocktails as art. Participants learn not only about the alcohol and ingredients involved, but also about the techniques of mixing, garnishing and presenting the drinks. The presenter, an experienced bartender and mixologist, shares her knowledge of flavor composition, color and surprising combinations.

Experience Flavors on Your Own Hand
During the workshop, each participant has a chance to practice directly. Equipped with bartending tools and a wealth of fresh ingredients, everyone participates in the process of creating their own cocktails. It’s a truly interactive experience that allows you to explore flavors and aromas while developing your bartending skills.

Atmosphere of Creativity
The workshop is not just about learning. The atmosphere full of creativity and conversation makes participants feel like true artists in the world of taste. Thanks to this unique combination of learning and fun, the cocktail-artist workshop becomes an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to discover the secrets of the world of drinks.

REGISTRATION – online (look for individual workshops on our FB)