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Mamma Mia workshops – a series of cocktail workshops in the Aperitivo style

It doesn’t pair as well as aperitivo cocktails with good Italian food. Another edition of the workshop is ahead of us, during which several participants enter the world of mixed drinks in a truly Italian style.

The workshops are conducted by the Junior Cocktail Art Manager of Food Town Bars – Tomek Dziewięcki. Most of the cocktails we create together are made with vermouth, but what exactly is vermouth?

Fortified wine! Vermouths are one of the foundations of the cocktail art. The history of this drink dates back to ancient times. Over the centuries, aromatized wines have found their way into the key positions of classical mixology. We will show you unique proposals that will bring your palate closer to the category of spirits, in which the magical herb of wormwood plays a key role!

During the workshop participants will also be able to enjoy truly Italian refreshments. You will have the opportunity to try delicious gnocchi made by Massimo, who will also talk about the culture of Italy and Italian flavours offered in his Gnocchi w Food Town concept

The next workshop will be held on May 23. Follow our social media!

After all, you are Hungry for Thrills!