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New Year’s culinary resolutions: a journey through the world of street food

A new year is always a great opportunity to consider new challenges and resolutions. So why not make them a culinary journey? In 2024, let’s resolve to discover the flavors of street delicacies from different corners of the world!

The first good news is that you don’t have to spend a bag of gold on travel. Poland is full of cool places with food from all over the world, and we will immodestly admit that a large part of the tastiest street food is waiting for you right here in Food Town! Well, but to the point…

The secret flavors of Asia
We’ll start with Asia, where street food is a true masterpiece. An absolute must have is to try the perfect kimchi, Thai pad thai, bao buns or extremely fluffy Japanese pancakes!

Latin delicacies
Let’s direct our steps to the Hispanic continent, where the street food is as diverse as the culture. Tacos from Mexico, arepas from Colombia or empanadas from Argentina – each country has something unique to offer.

European street food
Even in Europe, where cuisine is often associated with elegance, you’ll find plenty of tasty offerings on the streets. The taste of French crepes, Spanish churros or Belgian fries are worth exploring!

Hawaiian feast
This is another colorful spot on the street food map! Healthy, assorted bowls full of goodness called bowls are the undisputed hit of 2024!

The American Dream
We probably don’t need to mention that you can also taste the American Dream with a nudge and in the thick of it! American burgers and sandwiches, or a New York pick is something for the hungry for excitement.

Sound like a plan? 2024 will be the year of new flavors!