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Street-food Asian cuisine – what is worth eating?

If you are a fan of street food and love to explore the variety of flavors, Asian street food is a real heaven for your taste buds. In Food Town in Norblin Factory, the largest food hall in Poland, you have the opportunity to try authentic Asian dishes that are full of flavor, freshness and aroma. In this article, we present to you 4 gems of Asian street food that are worth eating.

Pad Thai – Thailand: Pad Thai is an icon of Thai street food. This dish consists of rice noodles fried with vegetables, shrimp or chicken, egg and peanuts. The whole thing is lined with sweet and sour sauce, which gives it an unusual taste. Pad Thai is the perfect choice for lovers of Thai cuisine.

Banh Mi – Vietnam: Banh Mi are delicious Vietnamese sandwiches that have gained popularity around the world. They consist of a crispy baguette, filled with marinated meat (e.g. pork or chicken), fresh herbs, spicy sauce and pieces of cucumber. Banh Mi is a combination of different flavors – sweet, sour, spicy and fresh.

Ramen – Japan: Ramen is a popular Japanese soup that has become an iconic street food dish. It is an aromatic noodle broth, enriched with various additives such as meat, eggs, seaweed and vegetables. Each region of Japan has its own variants of ramen, so it’s worth trying different flavors.

Dumplings – China: Dumplings, or Chinese dumplings, are small, pocket-sized treats that are popular on the streets of China. They can be found in different variants, such as jiaozi (steamed or fried), potstickers (fried in a pan), or xiaolongbao (steamed, with a juicy filling and broth inside). Dumplings can be filled with meat, vegetables, mushrooms or a combination of these ingredients.

You can eat each of these dishes in Food Town in Fabryka Norblin!