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Tuesday’s Heroes x Marcin Januszkiewicz concert

For the second time we are pleased to invite you to a real musical feast performed by Marcin Januszkiewicz! 🎶

On April 18, Marcin Januszkiewicz’s “Wolny Peace” concert will take place in the Gimlet Live hall.

“If everything is here and now, then you are part of it now.”

The concert from Januszkiewicz’s long-awaited author’s album is addressed to people not only interested in the vocalist’s work, but also those thirsty for a breath of musical freshness. The artistic path of Marcin Januszkiewicz is distinguished by a deep understanding of the vocalist with the musicians accompanying him. In this way, an original variation on jazz music, poetic song, trap and elements of electronic music was also created.

Marcin Januszkiewicz cannot be pigeonholed. More than a singer, he is a stage personality. His work, free of unequivocal solutions, pulsates with strong emotions, accurate observations of the world, bold comments related to the life of every human being.

Marcin invites you to the world of music on the borderline of genres. The artist is happy to experiment with different styles and trends, and at the same time very consciously directs his own creative path. All subsequent releases, concerts and ongoing projects make up a well-thought-out and coherent whole.

Both in the songs and during the concerts there is no artistic pomposity. It is also in vain to look for an exaggeration of form over substance. Januszkiewicz’s extravagance consists in searching for maximum simplicity in the message and the truth in all its glory – without masks, costumes or sequins. Marcin Januszkiewicz talks about everyday life at every step and most of his texts refer to it. He draws inspiration from the smallest things. It encapsulates familiar images in words. He is one of his audience, experiences similar situations, struggles with the same challenges. Therefore, even a casual listener feels the sincerity and honesty of the message coming from the speakers.

On the Polish music scene, Marcin Januszkiewicz is distinguished by the ability to extract from the texts what is hidden in them. He plays with music and meanings. It shows that every story has many interpretations and that we – people of flesh and blood – can pass everything through the filter to which we are closest.