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World of Mixology, or the art of creating unique drinks

The world of mixology is a fascinating journey into the land of the art of cocktail creation. We know quite a bit about it, after all, our bartending team is almost 80 enthusiasts. It’s much more than just mixing ingredients; it’s a true work of art that combines flavors, textures and aromas in an unforgettable way.

Mixology vs. Bartending
Although the terms “mixology” and “bartending” are sometimes used interchangeably, the former denotes a more advanced aspect of the art of cocktail preparation. Bartending skills mainly focus on preparing traditional drinks and serving customers, while mixology is a more advanced approach that combines knowledge of spirits, mixing techniques, and creating custom ingredients and syrups.

The Art of Cocktail Creation
Here every element matters! It’s not just combining alcohol with juice or syrup, but carefully selecting ingredients, balancing flavors and experimenting with unconventional additives. Mixologists often use local and seasonal products to deliver unique taste sensations.

In mixology, aroma plays a key role. What essences, essential oils or fragrances are used in cocktails can completely change the taste experience. Mixologists often use fresh herbs, fruits, roots and spices to give their drinks a unique aroma.

Balance of Flavors
This includes the art of balancing flavors. Mixing bartenders know how to combine sweetness, acidity, bitterness and spiciness in the right proportions to create a harmonious drink. The idea is that no one ingredient should overwhelm the others, and the whole thing should be pleasing to the palate.

Creative Presentations
In the world of mixology, aesthetics play an important role. Mixologists often try to present their creations in creative and original ways. It’s not just the taste, but also the way the drink is served, from the glasses and utensils to the garnishes and accessories.

Mixology is not just about making drinks – it’s a true passion and art. It’s experimenting with aromas, balancing flavors and creating drinks that provide not only sensory pleasure, but also emotional pleasure. This world attracts people who love culinary challenges and want to explore new possibilities in the world of drinks.