Hi, We are Food Town!
We are a unique space created to entertain, feed and bring joy foodtown targi imprezy pokazy to our guests. Food Town is a large-scale project, with thousand of seats, stage, 5 bars foodtown autorskie bary and as many as 24 unique culinary concepts from all over the world foodtown koncepty kulinarne. We are the largest space of its kind in Poland.


Restaurant concepts inspired by the cuisine from all over the world.

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The fusion of the classical propositions with innovative approach. We booked a place for you.

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4 unique bars

  • Old Shaker

    Food Town’s main bar. Its name is straightly connected to the history of the Norblin Factory where all the kitchenware was manufactured, including shakers. Our flagship cocktail is the Old Fashioned served in 3 different versions.

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  • Gimlet

    It’s an ode to cocktails served on the basis of Gin. The main hero here is the Gimlet with the marine roots tightly connected to best way of conserving the citrus. The fruit of this exploration is a stylish and strong specialty.

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  • Amaro Mio

    Filigree, Italian aperitivo bar is an ideal start for an afternoon. The offer consists of light cocktails waking up the appetite and stimulating the senses. Perfect place for an aperitif between the 23 restaurants points.

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  • Pandan

    A little cabin in a streetfood style. The menu is based on Asian ingredients which are experimental but also on the more common ones. The offer includes a lot of aromatic flavors: the Pandan leaves, soy sauce or Yuzu fruit.

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FOOD TOWN culture

Unusual cultural offer is a good excuse for frequent meetings. With friends, with family, with yourself.

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